Cabotine by Gemy Nicholas

Cabotine By Gema Nicolás has its origin in 1991, within the textile group GN Design Group . It was born with the intention of creating a different brand of cocktail dresses and ceremony for women who want to feel elegant and sophisticated.

In 2012, Cabotine Novia was created, where it transmits the values ​​of quality and elegance of the firm, also in the bridal sector. Adapting them to the demands of current brides and giving importance to the care of details.

Given the success of its proposals and, with the intention of creating the best environment for its entire offer, Cabotine By Gema Nicolás, opened its first store in Valencia , on Calle En Sanz, 1. It incorporated the opening of an exclusive boutique in Murcia , on Calle Jabonerías, 13. And it also has presence in the corners in the main centers of El Corte Inglés in Madrid, Alicante, Albacete, Cádiz, Mallorca, Santander, León, Vigo and Valencia.