Marco and Maria

The designers Marco Marrero and María Díaz began their professional career in 1990, with the creation of a design and manufacturing workshop in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, and in 1998 the firm Marco & María joined the group Tenerife Fashion, a platform of promotion of the sector of the fashion of Tenerife, that allowed them to realize their first incursion in national catwalks. Only one year after its entry, Marco & Maria paraded in Cibeles, and in 2000 they broke borders presenting their collection of brides in the Fair of Paris.

His most recent proposal for the year 2016 has been the difficult task of bringing to the present lines a source of inspiration from the mid-nineteenth century, which, although evident in his creations, is only shown in brief strokes within them. As a hallmark of the firm, Marco & María reconnects a current era with sources from the past. The interiors of the long dresses come to shine, intuiéndose among vaporous fabrics the cancanes, that normally are hidden and that in this case they become protagonists. Adapting the theatricality of the time, organzas and tulles play to involve the woman creating hyperfeminine models.