How long before my wedding do I need to book an appointment?

We recommend at least 9-12 months before the wedding to start your shopping but if you have more time,there's no reason why you cannot use it.

Most of our brands eg)Pronovias, St.Patrick take 6 months to order into the store.

If you are having an in-house Kathy de Stafford design then we advise 10 months or longer as our production team gets booked up very quickly.

What if I don't have 10 months to the wedding?

No problem, some of the design houses have a rush order service for a fee. We also have a good range of samples for sale off the rack if you are a last-minute bride. 

How many people can I bring to my appointment?

It is good to have two or three friends or family members whose opinion you trust and value.

We all love little ones but bridal shopping and children do not work well together. Unfortunately we are unable to accomadate children in our store, this is for your own comfort and of the other customers in store.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

If possible wear skin coloured seamfree underwear or shapewear that you are comfortable in.

A nude strapless bra is always good to have as you will be trying alot of different necklines in your appointment.

We would really appreciate if you do not wear fake tan, as we try to keep our dresses in excellent condition for you to try on.

Have an open mind when in our boutiques, try lots of different looks and styles.

What can I expect from my appointment?

Now for the fun part! Your appointment lasts an hour and we really want you to relax, enjoy yourself and find the dress of your dreams. We like to spoil you with bubbles and chocolates too. 

Our expert bridal consultants will go through our beautiful range of dresses with you and advise you on styles/fabics to suit you.  We then give you tags to choose the designs you like (usually 5/6 in an hour). We like to pick out a wild card design to put into the mix too.


What is the price range?

Our dresses start at €1300 to €4000 for Couture, but most of the dresses fall into the €1800 to €2500 price range.

Do you do accessories to compliment my dress?

We like to style your wedding look with our beautiful selection of headpieces and veils. We also do the Rainbow Club Bridal shoe range. This year we have added some stunning beaded back chains to our collection too.


How to choose the best wedding dress?

There are many things to consider when choosing your bridal gown, from the time of year, location, colour and style. At de Stafford Bridal we are the experts in advising the Bride to be in the very best gown that will suit your figure, shape you are comfortable in etc.

What happens when I order my dress?

We take your measurements, fill in your order form and advise you on the most sutiable size for your dress.

We require a deposit of 50% of the dress price to place the order, the remaining balance on the gown is due once your gown has arrived in store usually 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. We do not offer returns or exchanges once the deposit has been signed for.

If it is a dress from another bridal design house we give you a rough guideline of an expected delivery date.

For our in-house Kathy de Stafford designs we book you in for your calico (mock up of your dress in cotton). Our in-house designs normally take 3 fittings and then a collection fit.